Waterloo Road Series 8:

Relocating the show.

After packing up the show that had been in production for 7 years in Rochdale, the trucks drove through rain sleet and snow to Scotland. Turn around time was 10 weeks before shoot.

The new location posed many problems, as it was due for demolition. Lack of power, asbestos, etc… The building also had to undergo some major structural changes in order to get the desired look for the show.

New storylines also brought in the introduction of the schoolhouse. We took on an old fantastic Hotel and within the same 10 weeks added this to my creating list!

Over the 30 Episodes in Series 8, storylines included teacher’s and student’s homes, old warehouses, guns, police stations, boats, pubs, cafes, hospitals, nightclubs, fires of many kinds, slums, offices, weddings, chat shows, shops, stunts, SFX and much much more. 

Below are some stills of the transformation within this short space of time.