Tina Sherifa Hicks has worked on many highly acclaimed dramas with several of the best TV Directors and Producers to date.

Her creative and keen eye for detail rewarded her a Designer title at Tussard’s Studios, London straight from graduation. Since then Tina has applied herself constantly for over 15 years gaining vast experience in the Production industry.

With a contemporary outlook to Production Design, Tina thrives on challenges with a ‘No Mountain is too small’ policy.

Her passion for creation and hands on knowledge enables her to work well with budgets yet still achieving the originality and style required for each script.

Tina has a great ability in bringing the team together. ‘I believe highly in a morale and fair approach to work with plenty of commitment and energy’.

This passion and energy shines right from the initial concept designs through to the final dressed sets.

She has a friendly disposition and works well with Directors and Producers.

Located in both Manchester and London, Tina has the flexibility to work in the North and South of the UK. She is also happy to work Worldwide.

Tina’s design ethos is about giving 110% nothing less….